over 1000 kilometers of perfect downwind conditions

downwind2jeri downwind kitesurf tours are taking you along the coast of Ceará in the north of Brazil.

Every day we visit the best kite spots and every day we do a ±45 km downwinder. As a safety precaution, we always have a luxury Toyota Landcruiser on the beach, close to the kiters. So you can take a break any moment that you like. We cross rivers using small boats and every night, we stay over in another village on the coast.

When you want some adventure and you also want to see a bit of Brazil.. When you want to downwind for days.. The downwind2jeri tours bring you sun, ocean, waves, flatwater lagoons, and a lot of kitesurfing for 5, 10 or more days .

downwind2jeri tours

- temperature 29º Celsius year-round

- wind 23 knots or more every day always side-on-shore

- ocean water temperature 25º Celsius

- no dangerous currents

( Wind and waves always bring you back to the beach )

The coast of Ceará in Brazil seems to be created just to kite all the way downwind. The direction of the wind, the force of the wind, the wind guarantee, the temperature of the water, the beauty of the coast line, the deserted beaches, the amazing waves, and simply the amount of space on the water make this downwind trip to an experience from paradise.

The sensation of freedom you will experience during this trip is seriously amazing. Many of our guests return to experience it again and again. Simply because you cannot find any experience like on this planet.

From the end of may until the beginning of february, the wind is very suitable to make downwind trip's along this part of the coast of Brasil. The thermical wind, boosted by hundreds of kilometers of hot sand dunes, makes the wind here stable and reliable. On top of this, the water temperature is more or less 25ºC year-round! The wind force starts around 20 knots and increases in steps further up to the north to 32 knots.

One of the great aspects of kiting on the coast of Ceára is, because of the sheer length, the variety of the conditions on the way: areas with long rolling waves, aggressive shore-breaks and easy 'layered step' like waves; and of course you'll feel the difference of high- and low tide conditions.

downwind 2 jeri is the 'founder' of kite-surfing downwind trips from Cumbuco to Jericoacoara. As early as in 2005 we started as a little group of pioneers, who were searching for new and different experiences in kite-surfing. Because of the succes of this, "Downwind 2 Jeri" has become a reality. We have grown to currently include also shorter or even much more extensive downwind tours.

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perfect conditions

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