downwind2jeri frequently asked questions


330 EURO per driver, first car.
250 EURO per driver per day for additional cars

what is included in the price ?

One car can hold maximum 4 kiters. The price is the same, wether you are alone or with a group of 4.

if the group is bigger, no problem. we have more cars available. with 3 cars we can facilitate a group up to 12 kiters.


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and you get the driver!

Sander and his professional buddies will support your kite trip all the way. More then just launching and landing: he is IKO certified and he will be there any moment during your trip - and with the car. whenever during the trip, you can decide to have a break and 'cool off' in the air-conditioned car. Sander will translate to portuguese for you, he organises whatever needs organizing and knows the best restaurants and bars.


trip customization

Any of our trips can be customized to your preference. Of course, this may incur some additional costs, but all costs will be agreed on before you leave.

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For example, we can organize a guide who will kite with you on the water, to make sure everything goes according to plan and to react as quick as possible. We can organize a big barbeque on the beach; we can help you find replacement material, or we can arrange a surfboard if you only have a twintip with you. Please let us know you preference in advance!


We arrange your hotel or pousada for you, but it is not included in the price. We normally book hotels and pousadas in the range of 30 euro per night per person, with 2 persons per room.

do I need insurance ?

We do everything we can to make the tour as safe as possible for you. However, the responsibility is your own. Kitesurfing is a sport that has some risks! Please make sure both your health insurance and your travel insurance are up to date.

time difference

4 or 5 hours earlier. Ceará, where we are, does not participate in summer/wintertime, so during european summertime it is 5 hours earlier and during wintertime 4 hours.





brazilian reais; 3 reais for 1 Euro


not required, but vaccinations for DTP and Hepatitis A are advisable

clothing to wear

flip-flops, bermuda, T-shirt on the beach; lycra and bermuda while kiting


30º Celsius during the daytime; 25º during the night


220 Volts, but pin sizes and shape are different. Normal 2-pin mobile chargers work, but bring a converter for your laptop


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outside temperature

sand beaches with lots of palm trees



18 knots minimum. from may to the end of january, the wind starts at 18 knots in Cumbuco. The wind increases every step going northwest and in Jeri normally, the wind is 30 knots. In the best months, Cumbuco has 24 knots and Jeri has 34 knots.

And what else is inclusive ? We got water, bananas and crisps on the way. And of course the driver!